What is envider

Envider is a solution for easy and faster video marketing. You can make videos automatically by basic data (as an URL) and share it to engage with your audiences.

For Blogers

Envider is your assistant in creative content creation. Make it most easy and effective to promote your new posts in social media and attract people. It's free to make 15 videos per month. Enjoy it!

For Startups

Do you need to make many videos with data in a short time for your marketing campaigns? This is your opportunity to save time and money and be most active and effective as you can! Also you can use many scenarios for same data.

For Businesses

Do you want to run a data based marketing campaign? Do you know how much is your brand loyalty? So let your customers empower your voice in social media! Envider is the new data marketing way which you can use to involve your customers in marketing process. By using API’s just do it automatically!


Automatic Proccess

Just make basic data available for Envider and it’s done!

Fast and Faster!

Thousands of videos in just less than an hour!

Totally API Based

Working with big data is easy by our clear APIs.

Fair Pricing

Pay by a clear pricing system

Effective Campaigns

Run video marketing campaigns without conventional troubles!

People involving

Use the voice of people in social media to empower your brand awareness.

How to start?

Just, Fell Free to contact us.